Who We Are and How We Began

SVI’s Facility in North Attleboro, MA

The birth of our company is directly attributed to the background of its founder, Al Hooper, and his dedication to the maintenance, enhancement, and performance of emergency vehicles. As established experts, we only select manufacturers with a proven track record for supplying us with ambulances that will perform the best, have the shortest downtime, and provide years of service.

Our Professional Team

Specialty Vehicles, Inc. is truly a family-owned-and-operated business. The president, vice president, and office manager are all members of the Hooper family. Our other employees–including service technicians, salespeople, and administrators–are treated like family. Everyone at our office in North Attleboro, MA supports a work environment dedicated to customers, and we are unified in our pride of its products and professional relationships.

Al Hooper – Founder & Vice President

As a firefighter, EMT, and mechanic for the Town of Wrentham, Massachusetts for more than 25 years, Al Hooper became aware of the importance of emergency vehicles. Through his analysis, he researched and learned why some emergency vehicles performed better than others. In 1987, Al utilized his education and founded Specialty Vehicles. He wanted to provide his customers with vehicles of specific needs and the quality they desired. He has been selling ambulances ever since and continues to take pride in offering the best possible emergency medical vehicles available in today’s market. He formerly served as President until August of 2003 and currently serves as Vice President. Al’s customers appreciate his vast knowledge and extensive experience in the field of emergency medical vehicles.
You may contact Al at ahooper@svine.com

Mark Hooper – President

Beginning his third decade in business, Mark has worked closely with his father, Al, since 1990–first as General Manager and now, as President. He has been a driving force in the successful expansion of the family business. He oversees all daily operations and continues to exercise his skill in sales. Mark’s desire to stay in contact with customers is indicative of the company’s philosophy. Mark is innovative by nature, often calling upon the extensive knowledge he has learned during the past 20+ years.
You may contact Mark at mhooper@svine.com

Dawna Lewis – Office Manager

Dawna’s college education in Business Administration has served as an asset for her involvement with the day-to-day operations. She has worked closely with both her father, Al, and brother, Mark, since the company began. Besides overseeing the general operations of the business, Dawna provides our customers with direction whenever any necessary actions require special attention. She offers outstanding communication skills, attention to detail, and is very service-oriented with a dedication to satisfying the needs and concerns of our customers.
You may contact Dawna at dlewis@svine.com

Bill Middlemiss – Fire Apparatus Sales

Our company’s talented Fire Apparatus salesperson, Bill Middlemiss, has thirty-five years of professional experience in fire service. Beginning as a second-generation firefighter for the town of Lawrence, MA in 1977, Bill progressed to the position of Compliance and Enforcement Officer for the State Fire Marshal’s Office. His successful advancement paved the way for five years as the Assistant Fire Chief in the town of Lexington and seven years as Fire Chief, before retiring.

During Bill’s firefighting days, he developed the technical skills and expertise required for operating a wide array of equipment, from engines to ladders. He has observed many changes in technology throughout the years—from open cab equipment to seeing the current industry heavily relying on computerized electronic features, such as climate control.

Besides having a substantial background in operating and utilizing fire apparatus, Bill has had the opportunity to oversee the entire purchasing process. His lengthy involvement in the industry has enabled him to anticipate potential problems and solutions that are commonly associated with apparatus purchase.

Bill has served as co-chairman of the Fire Apparatus Purchasing Committee for the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts. He is also a member of the National Fire Protection Association and the International Association of Fire Chiefs. He has been cited with receiving numerous awards, including Lawrence Firefighter of the Year for outstanding rescue efforts and the American Red Cross Certificate of Merit for a successful rescue and resuscitation of toddler from the Mystic River in Everett.
You may contact Bill at bmiddlemiss@svine.com