Video overview of the Bracket Pro Series 

Customer Benefits of the Bracket Pro Series

  • Fleet uniformity – Ease of management of multiple medical devices
  • Product traceability in the event of an incident or accident.
  • Inventory check and faster I.D. of the manufacturer
  • Certified by an independent government laboratory; product safety confirmed with available certificate
  • Lighter and similar parts for easy replacement and guaranteed fit
  • Increased durability – Protection against sodium fluids, scratches, and soft chemical products
  • More efficient with patients (same movement with all devices equals standardized operations)
  • Better monitor position for access to screen.
  • No additional action required when locking – Easy to manipulate
  • All pouches remain accessible to the user
  • Flexibility within the brand with different models of brackets
  • Multiple Brands can co-exist – Simplify fleet management
  • Easy to work with, easy to switch from stretcher to surface system
  • Tabletop converter & spacer plates allow for flexible installation
  • Best product protection for your end-users
  • Only the device section needs replacement if you change devices

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