About H-GAC

H-GAC (Houston-Galveston Area Council) is the regional organization through which local governments consider issues and cooperate in solving area-wide problems. Through H-GAC, local governments also initiate efforts in anticipating and preventing problems, saving public funds. The 13-county H-GAC service region is going, becoming more diverse, and constantly changing. In order to address the needs of citizens and businesses, local governments are providing leadership to guide regional development widely and manage change constructively. 

Cooperative Purchasing

The H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program assists local governments in reducing costs through this government-to-government procurement service available nationwide. This program is available to local government entities and qualifying non-profit corporations. 


HGACBuy is a “Government-to-Government” procurement service available nationwide. Governmental entities have been procuring products and service through HGACBuy for over 30 years. As a unit of local government assisting other local governments, HGACBuy strives to make the governmental procurement process more efficient by establishing competitively priced contracts for goods and services, and providing the customer service necessary to help its members achieve their procurement goals. All contracts available to members of HGACBuy have been awarded by virtue of a public competitive procurement process compliant with state statutes. 

All units of local government, including non-profits providing governmental services, are eligible to join HGACBuy. 

Products Offered: 

  • Ambulances, EMS and Other Special Service Vehicles
    Ambulances: Light & Medium EMS/Rescue Vehicles, Mobile & Urban Command Vehicles; Mobile Command Centers. Many variations, options and accessories are available through the HGACBuy contracts
  • Fire Service Apparatus
    These contracts cover a variety of manufacturers, and include all types of apparatus such as aerials, pumpers, tankers, heavy rescues, airport crash, hazmat, command and specialty