Used Ambulance #F433633

Vehicle #F433633

Model: 2006 GMC C4500 Braun Type III-AD
Engine: Duramax Diesel Engine

Allison 5-Speed Transmission
Power Door Locks In Cab & Body
Weldon V-Mux Electrical System
Power Steering
Air Bags
Cruise Control
Power Locks
Air Horns
Power Brakes
Antilock Brakes
Power Load Manager
Power Windows
E-Q2B Siren
72″ Headroom
Back-Up Observation Camera
Vanner 1050 Inverter W/55 AMP Battery Charger
Granning Rear Air Suspension
Aluminum Wheels
HD Front Push Bumper
Custom Cab Console
Pass Thru Window
EVS Rear Attendant Seat / Child Seat On  Pedestal
Streetside CPR Seat
ROM Roll Up Door in Right Front Stack
(5) Slide Oout Drawers in Patient Compartment
Inside / Outside To Curbside Rear Compartment
Whelen LED Emergency Lighting
Wheled Freedom LED Cab Roof Bar Lightbar W 3M Opticom
(4) Additional Whelen 900 Series LED Lights At Rear Window Level
Red Reflective Striping On Exterior
(4) Exterior Storage Compartments On Streetside
(2) Exterior Storage Compartments On Curbside
Exteral A/C Condenser On Front Of Body Above Cab Roof
113,944 Miles

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