Used Ambulance #F425861

Vehicle #F425861

Model: 2007 Chevrolet C4500
Engine: DURAMAX Diesel, 300 HP

Allison Automatic Transmission
2-Wheel Drive
Life Line “Highliner” 171” Long x 96” Wide
72″ Headroom
Red with White Stripe
Heated / Remote Controlled Exterior Mirrors
Engine Exhaust Brake
Cab Driver & Passenger Air Ride Seats
Large Custom Console In Cab
AM/FM/CD Radio
Power Steering
Antilock Brakes
Power Load Manager
Power Windows
Power Brakes
Power Locks
Cruise Control
External A/C Condenser Mounted On Front Wall Of Module Above Cab Roof
Whelen LED Emergency Lighting
Whelen Freedom LED Lightbar Mounted Front Of Module Above The Cab Roof
Opticom Mounted On The Front Of The Module
Whelen Edge 9000 Series LED Lightbar Mounted Rear Of Module Above The Rear Doors
(5) Exterior Streetside Storage Compartments
(3) Exterior Curbside Storage Compartment
Rear Exterior Streetside Compartment Has A Removable Wall Plate For Mounting Equipment
Smithworks IV Warmer, 12-Volt
Dual Switch Panels In The Patient Compartment; 1-Streetside / 1-Curbside
Pull Out Drawer Under The Action Area Countertop
EVS Child Seat / Attendant Seat Mounted On Swivel Base
(6) Streetside Interior Storage Cabinets
Restocking Cabinet Doors On Interior Cabinets
Upper Pass Thru Cabinet With Simplex Lock
Lower Pass Thru Cabinet With (2) Shelves And A Slide Out Tray
Upper Inside Cabinet In The Right Front Stack
Lower Right Stack Cabinet With Inside/Outside Access
Custom Drug Cabinet In Lower Right Front Stack Cabinet
Dual Portable Oxygen Tank Storage Left Of The Side Entry
(3) Glove Box Holder Recessed Into The Cushion Above The Side Entry Door
(2) Tip Out Drawers Under The Squad Bench For Sharps Or Waste Storage
(1) Slide Out Drawer Under The Squad Bench
Inside Access To The Shelves In The Backboard Compartment
Simpson Netting At The Head Of The Squad Bench
(10) Whelen 8” Round LED Ceiling Lights
Electronic Tint Privacy One-Way Module Body Windows
Vanner 1050 Watt Inverter / 55 Amp Battery Charger
116,626 Miles

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